The South Ural Radio Club Activity Days

The SOUTH URAL RADIO CLUB (SURC), from April 1 to April 30, 2021, holds Activity Days dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the space flight of the first cosmonaut of the Earth, Yuri Gagarin.

During this period, you can also fulfill the conditions of the new "STAR GRADUATE" diploma dedicated to the memory of the first cosmonaut of the Earth Yu.A. Gagarin, who graduated with honors in 1957 from the 1st Military Aviation School of Pilots named after K. E. Voroshilov in Orenburg.

Regulations on the diploma "STAR GRADUATE":

The diploma is issued to applicants in electronic form (free of charge) Conditions for the completion of the diploma:

1. Nonresident / foreign participants need to score 60 points (repetitions - on different bands / different types of radiation). Contacts with SURC members gives 5 points, with other stations in the Orenburg region - 3 points.

The list of SURC members is given on the official website of the Club:

2. Orenburg radio amateurs must make 60 contacts with any Russian or foreign stations (repeats - on different bands / different types of radiation).

A list of QSO`S (in any format) must be attached to the application for a diploma, the following must be indicated in the application itself:

- name and surname of the applicant (without abbreviations);

- callsign;

- QTH;

- E-mail address.

Send an application for a diploma with the above data to the email address:

Diplomas will be dispatched upon receipt of applications.

We wish you all success in fulfilling the conditions of the "STAR GRADUATE" diploma!

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